Fee & Commission

Transaction Fee

As a decentralized platform, GAS fees are used when cryptocurrency transactions are made. CAMP charges an additional 0.25% of the trade values as a transaction fee. This fee is used for our platform operating cost (0.10%) and provides more liquidity in our liquidity pool (0.15%). Nevertheless, we do not charge any further fees for using our platform.

Performance Fee

The performance fee is a % commission deducted from the profit made. An investor that gains from the fund must pay a performance fee to the manager as a reward for managing a good performance fund. The % deducted is set by the manager. Each fund can have a different commission rate.

The manager gets a performance fee according to the manager’s agreement with the investor. The manager receives a performance fee without any deduction to the platform. The manager has the right to keep all of what they are working for!

There is no subscription fee.

Investors pay no fee for following fund managers on the CAMP platform. However, investors will pay performance fees when a manager makes profits based on the high-water mark principle.

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