Use cases

The main usage of the token comes from 1% of the funds in the portfolio that contribute to holding CAMP's token. So, the more investment in CAMP, the higher demand for CAMP tokens will be. CAMP tokens are also planned to be used in a variety of situations. Some are intended to increase token circulation in the system, while some are intended to raise brand awareness, and others are simply gimmicks that we thought would be nice to have :)

1. Primary Usage

1.1. Sustainable Ratio

Every fund is required to contribute at least 1% of its portfolio to the CAMP token. The more we increase users on our platform, the higher the CAMP token price will get.

1.2. Voting on Governance

By owning CAMP, you will have the right to vote policy to make a better community. (The voting feature will be launched in a later phase)

1.3 Premium Yield Staking Reward

You will receive a special yield return when you invest in CAMP token on our platform, same as when you provide liquidity to the LP, but with a greater offer! The bonus is scheduled to run for 10 years, with the reward halving every year. This will increase token holdings and attract early platform users.

2. Secondary Usage

2.1. Master League

CAMP will host a trading competition event for those fund managers to show their skills. A fund manager can take part in order to earn a prize and improve their reputation.

Burning Mechanism

CAMP deducts 0.15% from every transaction amount on the platform to buy back CAMP tokens from the market for BURN! The more assets circulate within the systems, the more tokens will burn and help raise the demand for CAMP.


We have the right managing company's token. Every token earned by us, whether from buying back programs or any campaigns we launch, we have the authority to decide what to do with that token, such as burning or launching a campaign to attract more users, etc.

CAMP has the intention of sustaining CAMP token demand for all investor benefits.

What we will never do is sell the tokens in return for unsustainable wealth and harm a community!

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