Token Concept

CAMP tokenomics is a limited supply token design based on two main criteria.

  1. User-benefit

  2. Simplicity

  3. Sustainability

To reasonably increase demand on tokens while trying to avoid users’ burden by force buying tokens for the ecosystem, we proposed a solution to link platform usage into the tokenomics design.

For any fund issued, we require a minimum holding of at least 1% of the total asset value of the portfolio to hold the CAMP token. We call this protocol a “sustainable ratio.”

The main purpose of a sustainable ratio is for increasing investment sizing, and sustainably increase CAMP’s demand.

As a result, we won't have to charge for using our platform to keep CAMP demand going. It reduces the user's burden of purchasing our tokens. The user does not need to go through a complex tokenomic to grasp what they are using. CAMP tokens will continuously grow since they are backed by assets from users, avoiding dramatic price drops to zero.

From the user's perspective, only 1% of the assets they manage are distributed to hold CAMP tokens. This 1% is not a significant amount for the entire fund, and it still has value on its own.

From a CAMP developer's perspective, it motivates the team to focus on the platform's growth rather than manipulate token prices. Because the greater the assets invested in systems, the greater the CAMP token value.

As you can see, CAMP tokenomics is designed to represent the growth of the platform. CAMP's token price should reflect a user’s confidence in investing in the application. The bigger our platform is, the more value CAMP tokens will get. Simple, isn't it?

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