Fund Manager

Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader in cryptocurrency, you can join our CAMP manager program. The minimum investment size of CAMP managers to start their social trading business is depending from time to time, but we will make sure to keep it as low as possible.

By trading and recording your promising performance through our platform, you will compete among other CAMP fund managers and will be ranked on our leader board using CAMP score criteria. A leaderboard will help you attract more investors and get more performance fees.

The performance fee is paid on a high-water mark principle. The manager can set up their own performance fee of between 0% and 50% of the profits and is able to change it only once a while.

The manager can set a fee collecting period from daily to monthly. The investor also pays you a performance fee when they unsubscribe from your service.

The manager can set the minimum investment of their investors as low as $10.

CAMP does not deduct a fee from the manager's performance reward. It is entirely your earnings.

However, to contribute to our community's growing up sustainably, CAMP asks the manager to hold CAMP tokens for at least 1% of the portfolio under their management.

By holding a CAMP token in the portfolio, you and the investor will earn more bonus CAMP similar to yield farming with premium yield rates.

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